Security Services

We provide security solutions and services to, amongst others, commercial, industrial and residential properties, through our subsidiaries KC Security & Investigation Services Pte. Ltd. , KH Security Agency Pte. Ltd. and Ashtree International Pte Ltd.

Our security solutions and services include:

• providing security officers to maintain the security of our customers’ premises;

•providing security officers for a range of events including exhibitions and entertainment shows;

• providing security escort and bodyguard solutions and services;

• providing security solutions and services during ATM machine maintenance; and

•providing consultation solutions and services to our existing customers on their security systems

KC security is a licensed security and private investigation agency; we provide security services to commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We strive to build a reputation in the security industry with excellent quality service, which enables us to go a long way in forging long term relationships and rapport with our customers.

Currently, we have approximately 160 well trained security officers in the field. Having received ISO 901:2008 in 2013 and BizSAFE Level 4 in 2015, rest assured that we provide quality and efficient service.

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KH Security provides security services to commercial, industrial and residential properties. We place strong emphasis on “training and re-training” for our security personnel.

Since our incorporation we have expanded to approximately 260 employees who have completed the WSQ modules for the private security industry.

We strive to upgrade our security officers so as to attain better productivity and offer a higher level of professionalism within the industry. We strive to continually upgrade our workforce, we were awarded NTUC MAY DAY AWARDS (2013), Total Defence Award (2009-2013), Total Defence Award-NS Advocate Award (2015) and BizSAFE Level 3 (2012-Present).

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Ashtree International Pte Ltd

Ashtree International specialises in security consultancy services. It prides itself in providing effective and quality advice and service to its clients.

We acquired Ashtree International in 2016 to complement our security services arm.

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