Smart Facility Management

Our vast experience at Advancer Global enables us to have a good understanding of facility services. After detailed planning and studies, we aim to increase work efficiency by automating simple tasks in various aspects of building services.

Through the use of technology, this automation can tremendously improve the current integrated service model. We aim to provide quality services that stand out and prove to be relevant for the future.


The Visionary Road of Smart Facility Management
  • Facility Management System (Eazable)
  • Visitor Control System
  • Part-Time Helper Services
  • Smart Home Services

Smart Cleaning & Waste Management

  • Smart Toilet
  • Smart Bin

Smart Security

  • Central Command Centre
  • Intrusion Alert System and Analytics
  • Vehicle Management System

Smart Pest Control

Smart Landscaping

Services of the Future

We constantly update ourselves in the latest technological trends and methods available in the market to improve our service standard. Through various case studies and testing procedures, we assure to equip our management and workers with relevant training and skill sets before implementing Smart Solutions. In line with the nation’s initiative to create smarter industries, we believe our services are essential to ensure a relevant business model for the future.