Building Management

We provide one stop In-House building services to a clients. By providing In-House building services, we are able to provide you from a single building service to a fully integrated facility management service without the constraints from outsourced vendors. Clients will be able to customize building services to meet their current and future needs. With over 1000 employees within our organization you will be able to assess to our talent pool and FM resources.

We provide value-added cleaning and stewarding services to commercial properties, hospitals, hotels and resorts, shopping malls, food & beverage outlets, private clubs, educational institutions and private residences, through First Stewards, Master Clean and World Clean.

Our pest control arm provides pest control treatments for the remediation and prevention of infestations at both residential and commercial premises through Unipest, Premier Eco-Care and Prestige Enviro-Care.

We also expand our building management services division to include  property consultancy, property and strata title management services for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Singapore through Newman & Goh Property Management and Newman & Associated.

Our three service arms are deeply integrated and complement each other to enable us to provide our customers with quality and efficient facility solutions. Thus, we can leverage on our ability to offer integrated solutions and services and position ourselves as an efficient one-stop shop solutions and services provider for our customer’s building management needs.


Cleaning Solutions and Services

Our suite of solutions and services include the following:

  • maintaining and restoring hard floors, including treating marble, granite, ceramic and vinyl;
  • maintaining the cleanliness of carpets, including performing dry foam cleansing, vacuum and spot removal, and deep cleansing and extraction services; and
  • cleaning of external facades of premises.


Stewarding Solutions and Services

Our stewarding solutions and services provided to hotels, restaurants and food & beverage outlets in Singapore include:

  • department management and staffing;
  • kitchen maintenance and sanitation;
  • banquet preparation and clearing; and
  • store management.


Pest Control Services

We provide a pest control program for the extermination of pests such as cockroaches, termites, rodents and bees. Our programs are tailored to the needs of our customers in both residential and commercial premises. They include:

  • Initial Attack Phase Program

A specialized rodent control program in which we inspect and monitor the environmental factors that cause the infestation and provide close frequency treatments to prevent new infestations.

  • Vector Control Maintenance Program

A pest management services include regular scheduled inspect and visits the properties our customers and providing recommendations and guidance to keep pest infestation under control.

  • Total Termite Management Program
  • 24 Hours Hazardous Pest Eradication
  • Pest Proofing
  • Fumigation Services

Provide our customers with environmentally-friendly pest control solutions to pest infestations.


Property Management Services

Our dedicated and dynamic professionals have many years of real estate experience and are very well equipped with thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations governing Strata Title Management. We will go the extra mile to ensure that your property and facilities are well maintained efficiently.

  • Operations and M & E maintenance
  • Administration of tenders for works
  • Management of term contractors
  • Management of premises security
  • Professional consultancy


Landscaping Services

We provide comprehensive landscaping services through our subsidiary – Envirocare Pte Ltd. We develop and design outdoor living spaces and gardens for both residential and commercial clients. (commercial buildings, condominiums, industrial sites and residential gardens) Our services include:

  • Landscape Planting and Maintenance
  • Landscape Consultation
  • Plant Supply and Rental
  • Vertical Garden Wall
  • Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Soil Cultivation
First Stewards Pte Ltd

First Stewards specialises in providing stewarding services to hotels, restaurants and food and beverage outlets in Singapore. Professional customer oriented services are our core business values. Our stewarding services are specially tailored to our customers as every business is unique. We are committed to providing a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment for our customers.

We believe that First Steward has grown into one of the leading stewarding companies in Singapore with the help of our experienced and capable team.

For more information, please visit our website.

Master Clean Facility Services Pte Ltd

Master Clean aims to provide value-added Housekeeping and Cleaning Services to commercial properties, hostels and resorts, shopping malls, private clubs, educational institutions and private residences.

We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions and services to our customers whilst allowing them to focus their time and attention on their core roles.

For more information, please visit our website.

World Clean Facility Services Pte. Ltd.

Acquired in 2014, World Clean aims to provide the best value for money cleaning solutions to commercial properties without compromising on quality. Focusing predominantly on retail malls, World Clean has the full backing of our expertise which enables them to provide high standards of service at economical prices.

For more information, please visit website.

Newman & Goh Property Consultants Pte Ltd

We acquired Newman & Goh in 2016 to further enhance our facility management business. We offer a host of property management services with over 120 MCST properties currently under our care. Having been established in 1986, our management team have years of experience which will translate to better day to day operations to ensure that your premises are well taken care of. Apart from this, Newman & Goh are also offer a wide array of property consultation services.

For more information, please visit our website.

Premier Eco-Care Pte Ltd

We acquired Premier Eco-Care Pte. Ltd. in October 2016, to further strengthen our capabilities in providing a full suite of pest control solutions and services to our diverse base of clientele. We specialized in pest control services such as fumigation, building maintenance and landscaping. We are dedicated to creating a healthy living environment that brings about the maximization of your living comfort.

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Prestige Enviro-Care Pte Ltd

We are a leading and trustworthy pest control and fumigation organization reputed for quality and reliability. To meet the growing demand for a healthier environment, Prestige Enviro-Care provides businesses and consumers with an extensive range of services by incorporating the latest technological treatment methods so as to give the highest quality of service.

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Envirocare Landscape Pte Ltd

At Envirocare, we design spaces with functional and aesthetical features that create the perfect atmosphere. We use durable plants to ensure minimal maintenance, coupled with elements such as fences, paved walkways, cladding walls and ornaments that add to the usefulness and beauty of the site.

To create a perfect outdoor space through landscaping is an art itself. At Envirocare, our team are well-versed to effectively apply the principles to achieve a beautifully designed outdoor space – with colour, balance, form, plants selection and clever implementation methods like repetition and contrast.

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